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Our brand SLS3 stands for: German Design - Premium Quality - 100% Satisfaction. Every item we create now is thought through and developed from scratch, thoroughly tested by us and then, if deemed awesome, put into production. Just like in the beginning, we listen to our customers for what you need, like and want - without all of you none of what we have achieved would have been possible! We are convinced that you will love our products as much as we love creating them for you.


Compression Sleeves

Compression Sleeves

Our Price: $44.90

Allrounder Compression Socks Color Allrounder Compression Socks - White - S/M (calf size 12.5-15")
Our Price: $45.90
Sale Price: $35.00
Savings: $10.90
SLS3 Triathlon Transition Backpack

Triathlon Transition Backpack

Our Price: $124.90